A little about Us...

Clear Ripple Projects started in September 2017, after we returned from our honeymoon. It all started with the Umbrella Incident. Picture this, Verona, Italy, just after sunset, the sky grows darker and the stars come out and a small family of 3, two newlyweds and their 10 month old son head out for a stroll along the river and dinner. Then the distant roll of thunder, a common thing in Northern Italy for this time of year after a hot summer, yet for these travelers they have left the apartment unaware and unprepared. The thunder is followed by lightening and the distant pounding of rain. As it draws closer the trio run for shelter, baby in a sling on daddy's front, mum leading the way. Ducking and diving out of doorways, under shelters, slowly making our way towards the beautiful restaurant La Lanterna. When out of nowhere as we wait to cross the street in the pounding rain, a man appears next to us, brandishing a tartan umbrella with shining pink handle, his only words, "Hey man...Please." He gives us his umbrella and before we can thank him he runs back into the storm, head tucked under his jacket. 

That moment of compassion and kindness, to think of others in such a storm when the easy and comfortable option was to make his way home or where ever he was going, sheltered under his umbrella, it had such a lasting impression on us that from that moment on wards we started the idea of making a difference to those that need it most...

The idea quickly grew from there, we decided on a name and set up the 60% rule that means at least 60% of all profits from our events go to charity or funding more outreach events. (We give 60% of all profits to charity/ outreach projects for the first £50,000, then 99% after £50,000). The money we make from the store sustains us and keeps food on the table. Then we planned our approach picking three areas we wanted to make an impact on and that were important to us. Environmentalism, Veganism and spreading Consciousness and Compassion. Spring forwards to now and what you see is what came from that decision. We  run a three pronged approach to help the planet, the animals and all of humanity have a better, healthier and happier life. It started in a rain storm, and part of that explains the rain drop and ripples in the logo. The rest of that metaphor is in the significance of a ripple. Spreading, changing the surface in a calm and progressive way. That is us, and we are Clear Ripple Projects.

Here our the facts and figures so far:

  • Clean Ups organised - 39

  • Bags of litter removed  - 942

  • Recyclables collected - 10119

  • Countries cleaned - 2

  • Trees Planted - 91

  • Animals Rescued - 5

  • Total charity donations - £1241.00

  • Total spent on Outreach - £1175.00

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