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Our online store is 100% Vegan Friendly and approaches all items and stock with a zero waste mentality. We use minimal packaging with every shipment and work with our suppliers to reduce the plastic waste generated at every stage. 

Every purchase from our store helps us fund more outreach projects all across Northern Ireland including our beach clean events, school talks, tree planting events and many more projects coming soon. So help us and help the planet by purchasing some of our zero waste items and merchandise. 

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Make a donation to Clear Ripple Projects and help us to continue our work and expand our current services to reach even more people and animals in need.

Every donation will go directly into Clear Ripple Projects, helping to keep the website running, fund outreach events and clean ups, buy supplies and tools for the jobs we do and help us bring in new staff and pay wages.

A donation of:

£5 can help buy 2 pickers / 3 pairs of gloves or 100 bags for the clean up events

£10 can help us keep the website running

£20 can help us pay wages to our writers

£50 can help us towards funding the Clear Ripple Sanctuary

Also at several times during the year we partner with local charities and sanctuaries, at these times, 60% of all donations given will go directly to our partner, meaning you help not one, but two compassionate enterprises with one click.

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