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Our online store is 100% Vegan Friendly and approaches all items and stock with a zero waste mentality. We use minimal packaging with every shipment and work with our suppliers to reduce the plastic waste generated at every stage. 

Every purchase from our store helps us fund more outreach projects all across Northern Ireland including our beach clean events, school talks, tree planting events and many more projects coming soon. So help us and help the planet by purchasing some of our zero waste items and merchandise. 

Short Sleeve T-shirts

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Our short sleeve T-shirts are made from 100% cotton meaning it will totally biodegrade, contains zero plastic fibres and is completely vegan friendly.
The embroidery is done by the Signature Works in Bangor and is a 5 minute bike ride from our home helping local businesses and reducing the transport emissions involved in getting it to us. They also do not use any plastic packaging or tags which means zero plastic waste is involved in the entire process.

The T's come in two amazing colours;

- Squid Ink Black

- Clown Fish Orange

Available in 3 sizes; (all unisex fitting)

Small - chest to fit 35/37 inches

Medium - chest to fit - 38/40 inches

Large - chest to fit -41/43 inches

Also available in XS or XL upon request.

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