Operation Clean Up

Operation Clean up Started in December 2017. Since that time we have held more than 20 clean ups and supported countless others across Northern Ireland in their efforts to keep coastal areas, forests and communities free from litter and reduce the impact that pollution has on the environment. We also are working towards other environmental changes and protection schemes across Northern Ireland including tree planting and solar power. We also have spoken to several schools from Primary to Secondary level about the problems the environment faces from human activity and plastic pollution. 

Operation Vegan

Operation Vegan is working towards improving the health of humanity through the promotion of a plant based diet. As well as the amazing health benefits of living a plant based Vegan Lifestyle it also has incredible benefits for the environment including using less water, producing less waste and producing significantly less greenhouse gases such as CO2 and methane. As well as the great benefits for health and for the environment Operation Vegan is working towards spreading awareness of the treatment and torment animals bred for food or used in testing endure, increasing animal rights and setting up a Farm Animal Sanctuary.

The Awakening Project

The Awakening Project is focused on helping humanity by raising our consciousness. Through the use of meditation, stress reduction, exercise, practicing mindfulness and holistic therapy we are working with individuals and groups to help increase compassion, self awareness, love and understanding. In order to well for others we must be well ourselves. 

We also aim to rediscover our deeper connection to the planet and all life in order to save it all. 

Operation Home School

Through Operation Home School we will be sharing our own experiences of Home Schooling in Northern Ireland. it is something we are very passionate about and education is vital for the future of not only our children but the planet as a whole. We will have a regular blog post series running over on our Blog and will compile all of our posts and many great ideas and resources for anyone who is also considering the option of Home School on its main page. 

Operation Re-Forestation

Operation Re-forestation is our attempt to increase the number and spread of forested areas across Northern Ireland. Currently Northern Ireland and Ireland have the lowest land area of tree coverage of any of the countries in Europe. This is our attempt to change and improve this figure. 

By planting tress, one seed at a time. 

Charity Partners

Since our founding in 2017 we have worked with a number of different charity partners across the UK focusing on fundraising for their charities and promoting their events. From the Assisi Animal Sanctuary to Crohn's and Colitis UK and Sea Shepherd  we work with any charity who makes a difference to communities, animals or the environment. 

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