March Book Club

We are big believers in self education. Learning and understanding from a position of interest to you and in the best way for each individual. Reading can provide a brilliant tool for us all to learn at our own pace and at our own speed. With millions of texts out there covering thousands more subjects there is always something to interest everyone. As part of the Awakening Project we will be sharing books and documentaries each month that we think you may enjoy or benefit from experiencing.

This month we have 3 books for you all covering mindfulness, creativity and spirituality.

The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

This book was first published in 1997 and is still a massive seller to this day more than 20 years on. It is the first book by Eckhart Tolle to explore mindfulness in all of its form and grace. The Power of Now was one of the first mindfulness books recommended to me and the first that I read cover to cover. It is a small book but one that has a deep level of meaning and one that although your could race through quickly, will often encourage you to stop and ponder the meaning of each lesson or comment. Tolle has a certain way of capturing your attention as if your own conscious self recognises the presence of the author and engages directly with every word. This book is a little more educational that his other works bu it is a great foundation to begin your mindfulness journey. Simply by recognising that you are endless and timeless, and that the now, this present moment is all we have. I cannot recommend this book highly enough to everyone I meet who is looking for more in their life experience.

Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert

This book is a gift for anyone who loves to explore creativity or who longs for more creative expression in their lives. A beautiful and simple read yet one who's magic cannot be overlooked in its playfulness. Gilbert manages to inspire you into creativity simply by having fun discussing its many mystical forms. With tales from ancient Roman thinking on creativity to excerpts from contemporary poets and authors we being to realise that there is much more to the creative process than we first think, and perhaps creativity is not a human action and more of a cosmic energy expressing itself through our minds, hands and words. It is one of my favourite books that I have read in a long time and it should inspire anyone to be more creative and playful in their actions.

The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

This book has a special place in my heart, to the point that I chose a reading from this book for my wedding day. It is a fictional piece as almost all of Coelho's works are and yet through his storytelling he can touch areas of the human soul and journey that are not easily expressed in contemplative works. The Alchemist follows the journey of a young man in his search for treasure he sees in a dream. He learns many lessons and develops a deeper understanding of reality and love along the way. As Coelho paints this tale we find ourselves learning the same lessons as our lead and finding correlations and similarities between his experiences and our own. It is a short, sweet and inspiring book and that is why it makes its way into March's book club. One for all ages to enjoy and offers lessons to us all.

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