Before the Flood

March 12, 2018

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This months Documentary 'Before the Flood', directed by Fisher Stevens and hosted by Leonardo DiCaprio takes a huge look at climate change and what we as a species are doing to this planet. Covering everything from political strategies and targets, to the view from space, the impact on the oceans and forests and the people who live on this planet. 

DiCaprio was elected as the United Nations representative on Climate Change which allows him to meet some very reputable people from President Barrack Obama and Pope Francis to Nasa Astronaut and scientist Piers Sellers, and this unique perspective allows us all to learn more about the issues from the leading figures trying to combat the growing threat of climate change. 


DiCaprio and the team do a great job of covering all the bases of global climate change and its impact on society and provide many great examples of how we can all make a difference to help prevent and reverse many of the worst case scenarios that this global warming path will lead us towards. 

I have always been very interested in environmental affairs and climate change has been at the heart of that interest. As part of Operation Clean Up we not only focus heavily on plastic pollution in the ocean but also on the larger planetary impacts human society is having. Climate Change is the single greatest threat to humanity as a species and many other lifeforms we share this beautiful blue planet with. This documentary taught me a few things and highlighted several other areas of my life that I could improve on to help the planet and the animals we share it with. If you are new to environmentalism or, like me this is a very big concern for you then this documentary will be an easy and enjoyable watch. 


It's available on Netflix and Youtube so you can all enjoy this one. It's about 90 minutes long but engaging the entire way. 


As always let me know your thoughts in the comments section and keep your eyes peeled for more content coming each week on the website and every month on the blog. 



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