We continue our documentaries list with Aprils addition - Cowspiracy directed by and staring Kip Anderson.

The film explores the impact animal agriculture is having on or climate and its role in climate change, ocean dead zones and the sustainability of human existence on this planet. If you are new to exploring climate issues this documentary is a simple but exemplary example of how a few shifts in lifestyle can have a huge impact on climate and environmental issues. We know meat is bad for our health, now we start to see that meat is bad for the planet too.

Personally I like Kip Anderson's style of documentary making, straight to the point, and wide ranging, covering all the main based of the argument. Exploring all the styles of farming, the various impacts of animal agriculture from free range, grass fed, factory farming, fish farming and the research into 'clean meat'. Hopefully this begins to help you make some more environmentally and health friendly choices on your dinner plate and expands your knowledge of the problem animal agriculture poses to protecting this beautiful blue planet.

This was one of the first environmental documentaries I watched online and its easily accessible to all. Available on both YouTube and Netflix.

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