Mission Blue

We continue our documentaries list with May's addition - Mission Blue, staring Dr. Sylvia Earle and directed by Fisher Stevens.

In this documentary we find ourselves sitting with Dr. Earle getting a very personal and very eye opening look at what she has seen happening to the worlds oceans over the last 50 years. From her love of the ocean and her many breakthroughs in technology and sea exploration she is as well qualified as anyone to be an ambassador of the oceans and a leading voice in their conservation.

We take a dive into the deep blue, and discover that sadly there aren't plenty more fish in the sea. In fact the oceans are being destroyed under our very noses and it is a massive assault on several fronts, a battle against nature and one that nature is not winning.

From industrial and plastic pollution destroying the very nature and chemicals of the ocean, to the huge impact that fishing is having on all species in the ocean at all levels. The oceans are in desperate need of protection and Dr. Earle knows all to well the paradise that has already been lost and fears for what will come in the next 50 years if we do not act now!

And for those of you who think nothing of ocean destruction, consider this,

"We need to respect the oceans and take care of them as if our lives depended on it. Because they do."

A must watch for all environmental lovers and those who enjoy the ocean, beaches and animals we find there.

Available on Netflix.

And if you have any great documentaries you have watched on the subjects of environmentalism, mindfulness or veganism please share them with us in the comments below on on facebook at www.facebook.com/clearrippleprojects

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