The seeds of hope

Often when we discuss the topics of environmental protection and global compassion we are met with a very grey and gloomy perspective. All to often we return to discussions of the problems, of crisis and of chaos. We see war, torture, animal cruelty, death, and environmental destruction almost daily on news channels, online and in conversation with friends and loved ones. But what if we switched our focus away from the problems, placing them on the periphery and instead placed solutions and positive change in the centre?

Would this make any difference at all?

For me at least I believe it does. Instead of always looking at the problem if you can switch to looking towards a solution often times we find not one but multiple solutions. Instead of constantly complaining about those people who have not made the positive changes towards sustainability and compassion look for those who have. Seek out those people, businesses and communities setting the example. Because only through finding these shoots, these small seedlings of hope can we start to grow out of this darkness towards a better future for all.

Consider a forest or a garden. Instead of walking through it every day and complaining about the barren trees in winter or the dry grass in heat waves. Instead of constantly obsessing over that one dead flower or mucky patch, let your eyes look for the new buds forming on the branches, the first signs of the spring flowers. Look for the green shoots rising from the soil, look for the new life and the new opportunities. We need to put all of our efforts into cultivating the future not holding onto a fading past.

Don't get me wrong, the problems of deforestation and desertification, the problems of plastic pollution and oceanic destruction, the problems of war, famine and animal cruelty are all too real and need to be stopped and prevented. But the best way to do this is to find the alternative, and for most of us who hold no governmental authority, or huge sums of wealth to throw at problems it is the only way. We the people, need to take the small steps to bring about the larger changes, we need to plant trees in autumn, we need to reduce our own plastic waste and other landfill items we buy. We need to do our best to support local businesses who are going green, encourage people adopting a plant based diet, and take the small responsibility for our own actions on this planet to ensure a better future for all.

Just try it for a few days, invest some time to exploring the good things coming our way, and create some little spots of compassion in your daily life, let those seeds grow, water them daily and see what comes of trying a positive approach.

5 ways to plant positive changes;

1. Plant flowers or better yet trees;

More green living plants means more carbon being taken from the atmosphere and it also means more habitat and food for animals and us. Plus you may start to fall in love with nature all over again when you see the amazing thing that is a plant growing from seed to flower. It's also cheap, easy and a great little mindfulness project to go looking for the acorns, chestnuts or other seeds to plant in autumn, and great for kids too.

2. Switch to a plant based diet;

The best way to spread compassion for animals is to stop eating them. This is a big step but take it one day at a time, try removing meat first, then move onto dairy and eggs as you go, every time you chose plant based over animal products you make a difference. And you get heath benefits too. Every time you chose a plant based option over animal products you save a life and make a statement for the animals and environment.

3. Shop locally;

Check out the local markets, take a walk to the corner shop and explore the city stores like the old days. If you can cycle or walk even better, reduce that carbon footprint of air traffic and delivery and give something back to your local community in the process.

4. Say no to single use plastic;

This can take a long time but again take baby steps, start by refusing plastic cutlery, bring your own from home, and invest in a water bottle to wash ans reuse instead of endlessly buying bottles water, its better for you, your wallet and the planet. Then move onto your weekly shop and see what you can get that is either in recyclable packaging or not wrapped at all. Then try household items like wooden toothbrushes and other simple items.

5. Smile;

There is nothing like a smile or a hello to a stranger to brighten both your days. If you are out for a walk, at the gym, on the beach or anywhere else, smile at those you meet or pass, compassion starts with the simple things. A quick wave, smile or hello can change anyone's day and who knows maybe even make them feel special or acknowledged in a world that is only growing more apart than connected.

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