Operation Clean Up

Operation Clean Up started in December 2017 with a clean up held at Crawfordsburn Beach Northern Ireland. Since then we have held clean ups all across the Ards and North Down and Belfast City council area of Northern Ireland with plans to expand our efforts across all of Northern Ireland in 2019.

The current stats:

- 874 bags of litter collected

- 37 clean ups organised

- 10107 recyclables collected and recycled

Today the world faces a huge challenge to protect and preserve its global climate and protecting the ocean habitats is a crucial stage in this environmental struggle. Not only do the oceans help control global temperatures, but they are home to millions of species, provide the water source that is the base of all life on this planet and create the energy for major storms and hurricanes which only get worse as ocean temperatures rise.

With statistics we see the horror that could be our future if we fail to act today:

- By 2048 it is predicted that there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans.

- Every year we kill 300,000 dolphins and whales as by catch

- As of the start of 2018 Shark populations have been depleted to below 10% of their original size

- Plastic pollution not only threatens ocean life but human health as well

As part of Operation Clean Up we are focusing on a two pronged approach. Firstly by active efforts to clean the coastal areas around Northern Ireland. And by educating the public through various efforts, on the dangers facing the worlds oceans today. This includes plastic pollution, environmental pollution, oceanic dead zones, overfishing, whaling, and the impact of polluted oceans on climate change. We do this through blog posts, youtube videos, giving talks to schools and groups across the country, and through our various beach cleaning events.

In May 2018 we also held our first clean up abroad in Greece cleaning Kiotari Beach on the southern tip of the island of Rhodes.

To find out about our upcoming events click here.

To read more about our Greek clean up event click here.

You can read more about the danger Plastic Pollution in the oceans Here.

With industrial fishing practices and our blatant disregard for waste and plastic leading to serious threats not just to sea life but the future of all life on this planet. We have helped to remove piles of fishing gear, mountains of tyres and endless streams of plastic waste large and small from all across Northern Ireland both on the coasts and in our forests. but we need to all act together as one to combat this growing threat, both by reducing and reusing our waste, and by actively cleaning the areas we leave to nature to ensure wildlife is allowed to live in peace, and does not suffer from our mistakes.

We have also been running a series of blog posts called 'The Super Simple Swaps' series that offers 5 simple plastic free swaps on different topics and different areas of your home. Check them out by clicking the links below.

- 5 swaps for New Parents

- 5 swaps for living with Toddlers

- 5 swaps for your Bathroom

- 5 More swaps for your Bathroom

- 5 Swaps for your Kitchen

- 5 swaps for your weekly shop

- 5 ways to reuse old waste with kids

Past clean up locations:


- Ballywalter Beach x6

- Ballyholme Beach x5

- Sea Park Beach x4

- Ballyhalbert beach x3

- Helen's Bay beach x2

- Glencairn Park (Belfast) x2

- Lagan Valley Towpath (Belfast) x2

- Lagan Valley Towpath (Lisburn) x2

- Milisle Beach x2

- Stricklands Glen (Bangor) x2

- Crawfordsburn Beach

- Groomsport Beach

- Ormeau Park (Belfast)

- Castle Park (Bangor)

- Colin Glen (Belfast)

-Woodburn Forest (Carrickfergus)


- Kiotari Beach (Rhodes)

A map of all of the Northern Ireland Clean Ups since we started in December 2017

All of this plastic was removed from this small river on Ballywalter beach in under 10 minutes - March 2019

The results of our clean up at Colin Glen in January 2019 (37 bags and other large items)

Results of the Milisle beach clean up - October 2018

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