Papaya Seed Boats

These are great for getting in some tasty exotic fruit and seeds with all the taste and delight that comes with it. Not to mention the bright colours and simplicity of this tasty dish.

Ingredients: (serves 2) 2 Papaya fruit 1/2 cup of Gogi berries 3/4 cup of granola

100ml of vanilla dairy free yoghurt 1 table spoon of chia seeds

Equipment: 1 sharp knife 1 table spoon measuring cups

Instructions: 1. Take your papaya and slice them perfectly in half using your knife 2. Use your spoon to remove the core of the papaya fruit 3. Then take your 100ml of yogurt and evenly divide this out across the 4 halves of fruit. 4. Next measure out 3/4 cup of granola (we used our super seed granola – see recipe book) and again evenly divide this among the four halves of papaya 5. Measure out and and evenly divide your 1/2 cup of gogi berries between the four boats 6. take a tablespoon of chia seeds and sprinkle this over the boats to finish

Serves 2.

Perfect for a light but refreshing summer lunch, or as a fruit filled snack.

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