Operation Vegan

Operation vegan is the second pillar of Clear Ripple Projects main aims.

As of 2018 we live in a world where more people are overweight and crippled by lifestyle related diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity. A plant based diet has been shown not only to be able to prevent all of our major killers but reverse many of these conditions too. Choosing to adopt a completely vegan diet or even a heavily plant based diet can do wonders for your health and mind. From combating breast, prostate and lung cancers, to preventing and reversing heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Moving towards a plant based diet is not only healthy, but for many a necessary step towards health.

We live in a World where every year we slaughter more than 59 Billion animals for food, never mind the millions more killed in experiments, through habitat loss and other human acts. Through Operation Vegan we want to remind people of that love for animals, and to show them how their daily choices can have a huge impact on the lives of animals, from those we consider pets, cats and dogs who need homes and are abandoned in shelters to those we exploit and murder for food and milk. Every animal life is equal and important and when we realise our choices can impact the quality and happiness of their lives we have a moral responsibility to act with compassion and love. Moving to a vegan lifestyle can save the lives of hundreds of animals each year and if we all did this, we could end animal suffering at human hands and save ourselves in the process.

We live in a World where animal based agriculture accounts for more than 15% of global green house gas emissions, and leads to deforestation, desertification and oceanic dead zones. If you care about the environment and you want to make a difference but can't afford an electric car or solar power then going vegan is the best step you can take to cut your carbon footprint, and save animals lives in the process.

As part of Operation Vegan we have 3 main goals;

1. To open our own Animal Sanctuary where all animals will be safe, welcome and cared for to the best of our ability and where they will not be exploited or used in any way.

2. To help as many animals as we can escape from torture and death in labs, the fashion industry, animal agriculture and in cruel acts such as circuses, traveling zoos, horse racing and other forms of animal slavery.

3. To help as many people as possible transition to a healthy whole foods, vegan diet and to help people prevent and reverse the diseases that so many of us suffer with and so few of us want to see ever again.

We are doing this work through;

- Encouraging people to adopt when considering getting a companion animal.

- Hosting our own Vegan events and Picnic's

- Sharing healthy plant based recipes in our recipe book section on the website

- Working with local sanctuaries and supporting animal rights groups across the UK

- recommending documentaries and books to help spread awareness of the issues. As well as posting videos and blog posts on key issues.

- Holding fundraising events to help fund activist events and eventually open our own sanctuary.

- Re-homing and rescuing animals when we can at home

Recently we held our first 'Big Vegan Picnic' event at Groomsport Beach, with more than 70 people in attendance who all enjoyed the food, sunshine and chance to share the vegan lifestyle with non-vegan friends and other guests. You can check out the full article here.


With one of our long term aims set at opening an animal sanctuary in Northern Ireland for all animals who need shelter and love, and specifically we want to help animals abused by the system of animal agriculture. We have decided to start where we are and build from scratch. Waiting for the right time is not always an option, and with so many animals being killed, abused and abandoned every single day we feel we need to do what we can to make a difference, and so we have started the rescue process now. Currently we have built a home for 4 rescued battery hens who can live out their days in peace and safety, and have re-homed a very sick Tom cat from the wonderful Assisi Animal Sanctuary. With plans still to expand this further. But for now we will keep working to promote adoption and hopefully expand our flock to provide more animals the chance to live in peace.

Recipe Book:

Our Online Recipe Book contains more than 20 amazing meal ideas from breakfast to main meals and even some incredible vegan deserts. We try to add at least 3 new items every month to keep it fresh and include the tastes and meals you all want to enjoy. We also recently published a blog post recommending our favourite Vegan cook books available to buy online today. Check it out HERE.


Throughout 2018 we have also been supporting the amazing activists based in Belfast in both the Vkind group and the Anonymous for the Voiceless movement in their events held every fortnight promoting the amazing benefits of a Vegan lifestyle not just for humanity but for all who live on planet Earth. You can read about the Cube of Truth events by clicking here, or check out VKind and their amazing work on their facebook page.

Also you can read our full article on the Dairy Industry HERE.

Check out our information on Eggs and the egg industry exposed: HERE

Or you can read an account of one of the Cube of truth events hosted by Vkind in Belfast city centre in 2018. HERE.

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