What the Health

For June we are bringing you another great documentary to check out. This month we focus on how diet can impact your health and well being and how you are not as powerless to fight disease and live a long happy life as you may have once thought, the answers all lie at your fingertips, or rather with your knife, fork and plate.

What the Health is a documentary focusing on the benefits of eating a plant based diet for your health. Written and directed by Kip Anderson and Keegan Kuhn and featuring many prominent doctors including Dr Michael Klapper, Dr Garth Davis, Dr Michael Greggor and many more, ranging from cardiologists to General practitioners, cancer research and many other medical fields. Through out the documentary we compare and contrast the use of a plant based diet for optimal health with the normal western diet and medical approach of eating lots of animal products, (eggs, milk, cheese, meat) and taking various medications.

It is a very thought provoking documentary and opens the door for more research and exploration to anyone who is interested in health and especially in improving and prolonging their own lives and wellbeing.

It is well laid out, easy to understand and a fascinating watch and one that I highly recommend to all who are worried about health issues or fearful of inheriting a disease from parents or other relatives.

Check it out on Netflix.

Know of any other documentaries that we should watch and share? Please let us know in the comments below where we can find them and what they are about. Thanks for reading.

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