Chasing Coral

Directed by Jeff Orlowski Chasing Coral takes us on an adventure under the sea to a place that many of us have never been before and never seen outside of finding Nemo. The Coral reefs of the worlds oceans are vibrant, colourful places, full of life, full of nutrients and currently facing mass extinction.

In this documentary a team of divers, scientists and photographers mount a epic mission to photograph the bleaching effect in coral species in the great barrier reef. During this bleaching effect the coral essentially vomits out all of the plant cells that provide the coral with food and nutrients in an attempt to reboot itself, and as a result, often dies of starvation. As it dies and loses these plant cells the coral turns a ghostly white before eventually dying and fading away.

This mass bleaching event is not just happening in the great barrier reef but across the world with 50% of the worlds coral reefs already lost, mostly due to changes in ocean pH and temperature caused by human activity and global warming. This documentary will open your eyes to the beauty and horror of coral reefs and their current predicament. If we do not act soon then all of the coral reefs could be gone, along with 25% of the oceans wildlife and many other beautiful ecosystems could soon follow.

A must watch for all environmentalists and ocean lovers alike.

Check it out on Netflix.

Have any documentaries we should watch? Let us know in the comments below and where we can find them and you might see them on or upcoming months documentary posts.

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