On Saturday, July 14th 2018, we took part in our first ever cube of truth event. With the help of the amazing Vegan Activists from the Belfast based Anonymous for the Voiceless group we assembled in the city centre dressed all in black, donned the signature Guy Fawkes mask and formed a cube in Donegall Place in Belfast, just outside the McDonalds.

As a group, the 23 activists held truth signs, or a laptop showing the hidden truth of animal based agriculture. The footage is extremely hard to watch, but for all of those in the cube that day it would have been harder to have seen it and done nothing than to watch it again. There is an old saying 'If slaughter houses had glass walls we would all be vegetarian.' and the graphic images like these being shown today of the inside of slaughter houses shows the true nature of the industrialized factory farming techniques now used all across the UK, or the conditions many animals will endure leading up to their premature and miserable ends.

The footage was taken from the documentary 'Land of Hope and Glory' and contains footage only filmed in the UK, on farms and in slaughterhouses all across the country. Showing piglets be castrated without painkillers, or the runts of the litter be slammed into the floor repeatedly until dead. Or the adult pigs being lowered into gas chambers as they kick and squeal to be free. Showing day old calves being dragged away from their bellowing mothers so that the dairy industry can sell their mothers milk to us instead. Showing terrified cows hung by the ankle awaiting their throats being slit and male chicks, useless to the egg industry, being tossed into boxes to suffocate or onto a conveyor belt to be tipped into a grinder. From pigs and cows to chickens and sheep every farmed animals fate was displayed for the public to see. Not in an attempt to upset or anger them, but in a desperate attempt to help them connect the dots between the animals suffering and the meat, dairy and eggs they are consuming. We know that most human beings would never wish this suffering on another innocent living being, but when you do not know the truth it is easy to be fooled into following the crowd and funding these atrocious actions. There was nothing we could do for the animals suffering in the videos, but maybe, if more people start to connect the dots and change their diet and habits we can stop this happening in the future, and spare millions of animals from this daily torture.

The cube stood for almost 3 hours and with the help of other activists not in the cube they managed to show the footage to hundreds of people in the capital that day and talk to many more who after seeing these images were open to the discussion of switching their lifestyle towards a vegan diet and more compassionate life path for all who they share this planet with. Standing in the cube, statue still and silent, can be a daunting and intimidating position for some, the taunts by passers by can at times be both upsetting or personal, but never once did the cube flinch. Hundreds of people stopped, took a picture and walked on, many more stopped and stared in confusion and horror at the truth that we were presenting them with. Many had questions and quarrels with the footage, but most saw the truth behind it and after talking with one of us they started to understand why we were there and how they can make a difference to animals just like this everyday.

It was inspiring being their with the other amazing activists and watching the public slowly stop, watch and connect their actions to this horrible truth, that has been hidden from them by industries trying to make money from the suffering of others.

Vkind and Anonymous for the Voiceless hold events like this every month and you can check them out on facebook here.

The 16 person strong 'Cube'

One of the amazing activists helps a member of the public connect the dots.

The united front of the Anonymous for the Voiceless movement.

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