Cleaning Ballyholme Beach

Having hosted 2 clean ups this year already at Ballyholme at first we were a little cautious of returning, thinking instead of spreading our efforts further afield, but the amount of support we have had and with the requests still coming in for another big group clean up at this location we decided to go for it again, and we are so glad we did.

With the help of our 26 amazing Volunteers we managed to remove another 9 bags of litter from this beach, bringing our total from Ballyholme alone up to an impressive 34 bags. As always with Ballyholme it is one of those beaches that at first glance looks clean and devoid of litter, but once you begin to comb the hedge row or crouch beside the sea weed you begin to find more and more small plastic items from sweet wrappers, to cotton buds and everything in between.

It is always good to meet new faces at events, and just as nice to see returning volunteers coming down to make a difference in their local area, we had great fun discussing the problems of pollution and litter on our beaches and even discussing ideas and locations for future clean ups. The amount of enthusiasm and passion in some of the people I met here today was inspiring and it was just another amazing clean up event for us and the community of beach cleaners and environmentalists we have been so lucky to become part of.

With more clean ups planned in the area we are excited to get to talk to many more volunteers and see some of these brilliant people again, with Hollywood Sea Park and Helens Bay next on our list in July. Check out all up coming events on our main events page.

And you can help support us and our clean up efforts by purchasing some zero-waste items from our online store.

If you have any ideas or suggestions of areas in Northern Ireland that need a clean up then please leave a comment below or message us on facebook, or email us at

The Beach, with calm waters and soft sands

Some volunteers getting into the sand to find the small pieces

We found hundreds of cigarette buds on the beach today

Bottle tops were also a familiar sight

One of the larger and more unusual items found today

We collected hundreds of these, and every time we clean Ballyholme they seem to re-emerge

Some of the amazing volunteers

A handful of plastic pulled from one clump of seaweed

More of our incredible volunteers hard at work

Such beautiful and bright colours, just a shame that it does so much harm to wildlife

Two more volunteers combing the seaweed

Another great volunteer scouring the pebbles and rubble for microplastic

Another 9 bags filled today.

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