Oat Milk

We now know that eating a plant based diet is not only better for our health, but better for the environment at large. Grazing cattle for meat and dairy is the number one cause of deforestation and animal based agriculture is a huge contributing factor to global climate change. As for dairy it has been linked to increased breast and prostate cancer risk, along with increased risk of diabetes, Coronary heart disease and obesity. Not to mention the cruel practices that are involved in the diary industry.

So taking this information on board we decided to switch to a plant based diet and started trying all of the amazing plant based milks out there. From almond milk to hazelnut, hemp, oat, soy and more we tried them all. But more recently we discovered that not only was it more expensive to buy plant based milks, (£1.50 per litre on average) but also the cardboard cartons they come in are lined with plastic, that not contained BPA's but also meant that many cartons cannot be recycled, so in our attempt to save money and reduce the waste we sent to landfill we came across this solution.

Make Your Own.

Oat milk is one of our favourite plant based milks, its creamy, rich and goes with everything from hot coffee to cold nice cream recipes. Its really simple to make too, you just need water, oats, a sieve, a bowl, a blender and something to store it in.


1. Take your pot and pour oats into the pot, about half full, and cover them in water and allow to soak for 30 minutes.

2. Using your sieve drain the water from the oats and put them back in your pot

3. Add fresh water and them blend this new mixture.

4. Sieve out the remaining grit from the blended oat and water mixture and pour the liquid into your container. We used a glass jar but you could also reuse any old milk cartons if you wanted to.

Optionally you can use agave or maple syrup to sweeten or add some cacao powder to make it chocolate milk.

I suggest starting off small and then once you get the hang of it you can make as much as you want.

With 2kg of oats costing the same as 1 litre of oat milk its a real money saver as you could make 10-15 litres of oat milk for the price of 1.

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