This months documentary is a short but highly detailed project called Seaspiracy.

It focuses mainly on the impact humanity is having on the oceans, from over fishing, to whaling, pollution from plastic and litter as well as other pollution from industries and animal agriculture.

It is a short but eye opening experience and what is even better is that they have a fantastic social media presence on instagram and facebook where they go into more detail on many of the issues the documentary raises, so if yo want to find out more yo can search 'Seaspiracy' on facebook or instagram to learn more.

The documentary is available on Youtube, just search SEASPIRACY.

or click the link HERE.

More exciting news is that the documentary film makers Keegan Kuhn and Kip Anderson, famous on the vegan and environmental communities for their work in 'what the health' and 'cowspiracy' and now working with this film making crew to make a 90 minute long updated version of this documentary expected to be released next year.

We will keep our eyes peeled for more info about this once it airs.

#seaspiracy #keegankuhn #kipandserson #sea #oceans #oceanconservation #overfishing #fishing #conservation #pollution #plasticpollution #environmentalism #veganactivist

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