Make your own Toothpaste

For a while now we have been making and using our own toothpaste. Not only is it a simple and easy way to help reduce our plastic use and waste going to landfill, but it works great as a toothpaste and as we already buy 2 of the three ingredients anyway it was cheaper than buying more toothpaste.

Depending on where you source your ingredients from this can be totally plastic free & with 3 simple, natural ingredients it’s really a wonder why more people don’t give it a try.

Standard toothpaste brands often contain MANY unnecessary harmful, even toxic ingredients, and I know these days, there’s an abundance of natural alternatives out there but if I can make my own, without plastic, for a fraction of the price? I will. Holland and Barrett have their penny sale on at the moment so I was able to get my coconut oil & peppermint at a more than reasonable price, which was amazing. And baking soda is always cheap and easy to come buy, and if you like baking as we do, then you may have some in your cupboards already. To make this you’ll need: Coconut oil (3 TBSP) Baking soda (3 TBSP) Peppermint Essential oil (15 drops) (you can also add charcoal powder, but we’ve been loving this without it!) You basically melt the coconut oil, stir in the extra ingredients, wait for it to set, making sure it’s well mixed and it’s good to go! We keep ours in an upcycled jar that once homed delicious Vegan refuge hot chocolate another great way to reduce your waste. I also wouldn’t be without a bamboo toothbrush, completely zero waste and compostable once you are finished with it. You can now purchase these over on our online store. Let me know if you give this a go, OR if you have any other tips and tricks for minimising bathroom waste we would love to hear it.

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