Black Bean and Sweetcorn Nachos

If you are looking for a quick and tasty meal, perfect for a chilled evening in then this is a great option, it combines all the health benefits of bean, greens and avocado with all the flavour and crunch of your favourite nacho based treats. If you like mexican food and some spice then this is a great recipe to experiment with and enjoy.

Ingredients: (serves 2)

- 200 grams of black beans

- 100 grams of sweet corn

- 1 packet of plain nacho chips

- 1 avocado

-100 grams of raw spinach leaves

- 1 tablespoon of coconut oil

- 1 can of chopped tomatoes

- vegan cheese of your choice (optional)

- paprika

- cumin


- 2 small pots

- 1 frying pan

- 1 sharp knife

- 1 table spoon

- 1 grater


1. Start by preparing your spinach, wash and put it in your pan with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil

2. If you are using dried black beans boil water and prepare them (this could take anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending on which you have bought) if you bought precooked beans then move to step 3.

3. Place your black beans and sweet corn in a pt and heat until fully cooked through.

4. at the same time place your chipped tomatoes in a second pot and heat thoroughly.

5. While the pots heat through, stir fry your spinach and slice up your avocado.

6. Once finished open your nachos, and place them on your plates, pour your tomato sauce over the top and add grated cheese if you wish.

7. Add your sweet corn, beans, spinach and avocado and finally add some paprika and cumin to flavour.

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