Cleaning the Lagan Towpath and Meadows

On our second trip down to the Lagan Towpath in Belfast we didn't know what to expect. It had been a crazy week of travel for us being out one year anniversary and with lots of other things going on we had litter time to plan and prepare for this clean up. However, despite this we headed down to get stuck into another clean up.

Despite the small numbers, just Kurtis from Clear Ripple Projects and the amazing Robert who turned up to lend a hand, we managed to remove 8 bags of litter from the area, including lots of broken glass and discarded bottles, cans and junk food packaging. Along with this we found some large and unexpected items including a tire, a tent covered in mold and tangled and torn up around some barbed wire, and we even managed to drag and partially submerged air bed out of the river.

Its just crazy to think that so much litter was gathering in such a beautiful place, and with the main path looking clear and clean at first glance it is a real shock once you stumble of the path into the trees and discover the hidden problems all along the river.

Thank you so much to Robert it was amazing getting to know you over the 2 hours and you were such a great help with this clean up.

If you want to get involved in more clean up events coming soon head over to the events page HERE. Or check out our facebook page to keep up to date with all upcoming events planned in 2018.

The air bed was full of water and stuck under a tree, cutting a hole we managed to get the water out and then drag it from the river.

Leaving the path we found many drinking spots with bottles and cans, and then we found this, the ruined tent, shredded, moldy and abandoned in the trees.

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