September Book Club

We are big believers in self education. Learning and understanding from a position of interest to you and in the best way for each individual. Reading can provide a brilliant tool for us all to learn at our own pace and at our own speed.With millions of texts out there covering thousands more subjects there is always something to interest everyone.

As part of the Awakening Project we have another great book for you this month focusing in on the topic of awakening, self discovery and mindfulness.

The Monk who sold his Ferrari - Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma's tale is one of self discovery and living each individuals truth. Told through the

fictitious setting of two lawyers it is conversational piece where the reader could easily replace the teacher and student with the author and themselves and let Sharma directly tell them the lessons that the characters learn as the story moves along. Following one lawyer's journey to spiritual awakening as he explains his journey to his friend in the hopes of evoking in him the same peace and joy that he has found through mindfulness and spirituality.

You can take it chapter by chapter and apply the teachings as you go or use it as a great tool to come back again and again to remind yourself of the lessons as you need them.

It is a simple read but filled with useful tips, advice and simple metaphor that will leave you feeling renewed, refreshed and excited to apply many of these lessons to your own life.

If fiction is more your thing then this is for you, it perfectly disguises a deep and meaningful life lesson in a simple tale of master and eager student.

If you have a book you think we should add to our book club please message the website or comment below and we will check it out and who knows it may be next months book of the month.

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