Black Bean and Hummus Wraps

This is just an amazing and healthy meal. From the crunch of the wraps to the flavours and textures inside the fact that it is healthy will not even cross your mind. It contains at least 5 of your daily recommended intake of fruit and veg. Enjoy.

Ingredients: (serves 2)

- 200g black beans

- 6 large cabbage leaves

- 1-2 grated carrots

-1 large avocado

- 1 yellow pepper

- 1/2 a cucumber

- 200g of brown rice

- hummus of your choice


- 1 sharp knife

- 2 large pots

- kettle

- 1 grater

- hop or stove


1. Start by placing your rice in a pot of boiling water and allow to cook for 20 minutes or unil ready

2. Will the rice is boiling, measure out your black beans and heat them as well in a separate pot.

3. Prepare your cabbage leaf wraps, make sure to pick the larger outside leaves for a better result.

4. Prep the rest of your veg, grating the carrot is optional.

5. Serve on a plate and add a large helping of hummus.

Easy to make and an amazing meal to enjoy.

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