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Operation Home School aims to be a resource and Aid to anyone who is thinking of, or undertaking the task of home schooling their children. We are very passionate about home schooling and the importance of education for children and all of humanity. On this page you will be able to access all of our Blog posts on Home School and we will be providing lots of great ideas, trips and resources we have found or used to help you in your own journey through home education.

Recent Blog Posts:

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Must Reads:

How Children Learn - John Holt

A detailed and beautifully written book by one of the worlds leading child education authorities. John Holt will make you rethink and re-imagine education, bringing it all back to what it is intended to do, inspire and prepare kids to be part of this world.

Check out our review here. Or click here to get it now.

Our Top 5 Tips for Preschool aged families:

- Join the local library

This is just a must for almost every stage of home schooling, not only does it provide you with endless resources and books on almost every subject, but many local libraries also hold free mum's and tots sessions, sing and sign classes and lots of other group activities to help build social skills. And reading books of any kind will help with language development and improve their communication skills.

- Nature Walks are a must

Getting kids out in nature lets them explore the world around them and build a connection to nature. It is also a great learning place too with endless questions about wildlife, trees, leaves, rivers and more to discuss. And it helps keep them physically active and healthy, you can eve get crafty and build sandcastles, tree houses and do art with sticks and leaves.

- Encourage colouring and creativity

All kids love colouring in, painting, drawing and getting messy. So encourage them. Let them be creative and expressive. You can get cheap paint, paper, brushes and aprons at toy stores and even some super markets.

- Get into crafts with old items and recyclables

Teach them to think construction with crafts, use old bottles to make boats, instruments and castles, or make birthday cards and other gifts with stuff just lying around the house.Its not only good fun but gets them thinking about re-using and recycling, and also encourages creativity.

- Let them help in the kitchen

Getting active in the kitchen is a great way to get them to try new foods and flavours and get them eating healthy meals. They don;t need to be heavily involved but our little one loves helping me stir the pancake or baking mixtures. peel bananas, wash carrots and potatoes and pick his apples from the tree outside.

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