Clean Up Summaries - October 2018

In October 2018, we held 3 Clean up events in Sea Park, Lisburn and Milisle. In total we managed to remove 48 bags worth of litter and had the support of more than 50 amazing individuals, Here are the summaries from each;


Location - Lagan Towpath

Bags removed - 23

Volunteers - 15

We found lots of litter from obvious 'drinking sports' including piles of cans and bottles as well as some more unusual items such as a satellite dish, plastic tarp and plastic table. The lack of bins along the towpath is one obvious cause for the litter, but easily rectifiable, but the sheer volume of rubbish being dumped along the river banks and surrounding trees was astounding. Seeing the beautiful trees, and even the swans and ducks that live along the river made it feel more worthwhile in the drizzle, and every single volunteer, young and old did an amazing job.


Location - Sea Park beach

Bags removed - 11

Volunteers - 27

At Sea Park we found much of the same debris as last time, thousands of micro plastics from cotton buds to bottle tops and other broken and discarded shapes and fragments. The level of sanitary products was also alarming with piles of pads, wet wipes and even nappies being found on the beach. Although it had the lowest bag count, there were thousands of pieces of plastic removed from the beach that day. The support not just from our incredible volunteers, but also from families and locals who approached us on the day was staggering and very much appreciated.


Location - Milisle South beach

Bags removed - 14

Volunteers - 9

We removed lots of the typical beach combings including bottle tops, rope and plastic packaging, but here we found a tremendous amount of firework debris, and even the body of a sea bird, lying beside a large pile of firework waste... We also with the help of our volunteers and some handy tools (thanks again Jeanette) we managed to dig out and cut out two large rubble bags and over 2 meters of rope. It was by far the best day as far as weather was concerned which always makes the job that much easier.

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