Forks Over Knives

We continue our list of recommended documentaries with Forks Over Knives.

Released in 2013 and focusing mostly on the knowledge gained over a lifetime by two men who are both specialists in their fields, Forks Over Knives examines the relationship between diet and disease. Directed by Lee Fulkerton and staring Dr Caldwell Esselstyn (american Physician and former heart surgeon and T. Colin Campbell PHD author of the China Study.

The documentary focuses on the relationship between processed foods and animal products like meat eggs and dairy and their impact on human health. Examining diseases such as coronary heart disease, diabetes and certain forms of cancer. And pitting the effects of diet and lifestyle against the current medicinal treatments to see which is not only better at treating the disease, but how we should eat and live in order to prevet the onset of disease in the first place. With many interesting revelations and well explained scientific research to back up their findings Forks Over knives is a must watch documentary for anyone looking to better understand how to eat in order to live a healthy, long and happy life.

Available on Netflix, youtube and other websites.

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