Clean Up Summary - November

This Month the clean up efforts have been immense. With just 2 clean ups we managed to removed more than 75 bags of litter from beautiful spots in the Ards peninsula. We've had the help of more than 50 amazing individuals and been able to enjoy their support ad company was we have worked to clean both Ballywalter beach and Striklands Glen.


Location - Ballywalter North Beach

Bags removed - 48

Volunteers - 37

This was our fourth visit to Ballywalter and our first time tackling the litter and waste washed up on the North Beach. With shovels, wheel barrows and piles of pickers we got to work on the remains of the bonfire from back in July. And pulled piles of firework packaging, plastic bottles, old tires, and piles of rope from the beach. We met many new faces and it was amazing to see a community come together and tackle this problem together. After this event we have taken our total bags removed from Ballywalter beach to 106 bags. Thanks to all who came down to help out!

The largest pile of bags and littler removed from the north beach.

A second pile of rubble and debris that we cleared from the peer and south beach on the same day


Location - Stricklands Glen and coastal path

Bags Removed - 28

Volunteers - 15

Our second time cleaning Stricklands Glen in Bangor and with the support of many amazing individuals from the local area we managed to make a huge impact on the pollution and litter in this otherwise beautiful area. As we wondered through the twisting paths of the glen we found many drinking spots, where the beauty of the glen was ruined by piles of bottles, junk food wrappers and take out packaging. We also managed to removed tires, wooden beams, bottles, and many footballs and other large items that were floating in the largest pool at the top of the glen. Down on the coastal path we found much more rubbish and many piles of small plastic pieces scattered and tangled up amoung the seaweed and pebbles in the small coves. Thank yo to everyone who came down to help keep Northern Ireland beautiful.

28 bags of rubbish removed from the glen and coastal path

A glimpse of the beauty of the Glen.

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