5 Simple Plastic Free Swaps for your Kitchen

Our Simple Swaps series continues it's focus on your Kitchen. There are many many ways for you to reduce your plastic pollution and the amount of waste you generate in your home, and when it comes to the kitchen and our food choices it once again gives us a huge opportunity to ditch many more items that would otherwise only end up in landfill.

1. Stainless Steel water bottles

By switching to a stainless steel water bottle you not only save yourself a great amount of money, but you limit your exposure to harmful chemicals such as BPAs, and help to reduce the amount of waste we produce on a daily basis. More than 90% of the plastic drinks bottles we buy never get recycled, and end up in landfill or int he ocean. Of the 10% that are recycled, only 10% of those are then able to be recycled again, so just because plastic bottles are recyclable does not mean that they will be recycled. Step forward the stainless steel bottle. Easy to clean, no larger than the plastic bottles, and a money saver when used regularly. Not only do they reduce the amount of plastic waste we produce but they do not contain any harmful chemicals such as BPA's found in most plastic containers that have been shown to have harmful impacts on our hormone levels and are linked to cancer growth. You can get your own stainless steel bottle at our online store by clicking here and the proceeds will go to helping us run beach clean events all across Northern Ireland.

2. Stainless Steel Lunch boxes

if you are making regular packed lunches or need food packaging for picnics, days out or even just for handy sotrage aroufn the house then the stainless steel box is the perfect option. Not only does it not contain the harmful BPA's mentioned above, but they are easy to clean, less likely to crack or break than the cheap plastic or Tupperware boxes and are 100% reusable or recyclable when you are finished with them. It's a no brainer, and a simple switch.

3. Bamboo / rice husk cups

Whether you need cheap cups for the kids that wont break when dropped, or you are looking to get beautiful and well designed reusable coffee cups opting for a bamboo or rice husk material is a must when trying to reduce your plastic waste. They are just as easy to clean as plastic cups, light and easy to hold, strong and long lasting and can even be composted once you are finished with them. Every year we throw away more than 100 billion single use cups most of which held coffee for less than 30 minutes before being discarded, but if you love a coffee to go then you need a reusable coffee cup. They have beautiful designs, are just the right size for your morning Jo and many cafes now offer discount or extra loyalty card stamps for people using reusable cups, so its a win for you and the environment. You can get one at our online store by clicking here and the proceeds will help fund our clean up and outreach events all over Northern Ireland.

4. Bamboo scrubbing brushes

Did you know that most kitchen sponges are 100% plastic, and cannot be recycled? Well they are. They are something we use every day, and yet can be easily replaced with a simple alternative. The bamboo scrubbing brushes are a great way to clean your pots, pans dishes and bottles, they are tough on stains and dried in sauces and as they are 100% natural materials they can be composted when you are finished with them. You can also substitute in a muslin cloth or old piece of fabric for cleaning the delicate items like glasses and there you go, no more plastic sponges going to landfil.

5. Stainless steel straws

We all know about the plastic straws, and many businesses are now banning them or limiting their use because of the rise in public awareness of the problems they cause, well if you enjoy smoothies or juices at home and want a suitable environmentally friendly straw to go with it then you need a stainless steel straw. They are cheap, easy to clean and reusable for ever, you could even take it out in your bag to clubs for cocktails or on holiday to sip your drinks by the beach knowing that no straw was washing up in the beach or ending up in an animals stomach because of you.

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