Live and let Live

We continue our monthly list of recommended documentaries with Live and Let Live.

Directed by Marc Pierschel and staring big names like T. Colin Campbell, Peter Singer and Melanie Joy, Live and let Live is a documentary looking at Veganism from all angles. Animal rights and welfare, health, ethics and environmentalism.

With a very international cast from the UK to Germany, Australia, Canada, Austria and the USA it encompasses a wide range of views, backstories and beliefs about animals and how we treat them and the planet. With just the right blend of everyday individuals and their own unique stories, coupled with experts and scientific data to back up the claims and views expressed in the film.

It takes us through the history of Veganism and delves into the backstory of several Vegans, discovering why they decided to switch their diet and lifestyle to a more compassionate and caring one. It is a documentary which is safe to watch for all ages and whilst at times discussing the cruelty and horrors we inflict on animals, does not show it outright. We also get many great insights from medical professionals, philosophers, environmentalists and economists about why we could ans should all be switching to a plant based diet and a vegan centered lifestyle.

Not a long watch, 75-80 mins, but well worth the experience.

Available on Netflix and youtube.

Youtube -

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