Back into Daylight

At the end of November we had the privilege of visiting Back into Daylight Animal Sanctuary in Navan Ireland. Upon arrival we were instantly greeted by two smiling faces and 4 very excited dogs. As soon as you stepped into the place you could sense something special was going on here, there were ducks waddling around the yard, the sounds of distant clucking and bleating and if you looked carefully you could see the disappearing tail of a cat as it sleeked back into the house.

Declan quickly made us feel welcome and was soon taking us on a tour of all 400 animals they have here at the sanctuary. From rescued hens to cockerels, pigeons, budgies and other caged birds people keep as pets, to the 4 beautiful dogs, many many cats, the family of goats and even their two large pigs Arthur and Bertie.

Walking around and talking about the animals and where they came from and the lives they live now it was not only inspiring but reassuring to know that others share this deep love of animals and this desire to protect not just the cuddly and cute ones, but any and all that are in need. He spoke of how he saved some from farms, and how others he re-homed or purchased in order to stop them going to pet stores or slaughter houses. Other even have been brought in due to sickness or injury and all have names and a place in their hearts. When he spoke of the budgies and other birds there was a twinkle in his eye. His love for them and desire to give them a life and space more fitting of their kind was plain to see as the smile on his face when he spoke. There was such passion in his voice when he spoke about animals and the things we humans have done and continue to do to them that you could not help but be inspired to do all you can to help.

They told us of how they started and how they hope to continue and expand. We spoke about veganism, animal rights and the individual personalities that each animal expresses. We got to help feed the hens and pigs and even got some cuddles with the cats and dogs afterwards. When you get to see many of these animals up close you cannot find the words to describe the emotions that go through your head, as you sit beside them and see them so full of life and intelligence and think that yet so many of us view them as no more than objects for food, fashion, sport or entertainment. They are all individuals, just as alive and real as you or me, they feel hunger, pain, love and happiness like we do. I am so glad that some of them will get to live out the rest of their lives here, it is no less than they deserve.

After we left the sanctuary we decided to make Back into Daylight our Charity Partner for January 2019. So as with all of our partners 60% of all donations, income and event earning we generate for January 2019 will be going to help this amazing sanctuary continue to do the wonderful work they are taking on. You can check them out here and learn a little more about the animals in their care and even do your own bit of fundraising or donating to this amazing couple, doing their best to carve out a safe haven for animals.

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