Our Top 5 Vegan Cookbooks

For anyone who is going Vegan this year, or anyone who is already Vegan and is searching for new ideas and meals to try then this post is for you.

We love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen and so we thought we would share some of our favourite recipe and cook books with you all this Christmas. We absolutely love finding new and exciting flavours and recipes to try and these cook books have provided us with some of our favourite meals.

1. The Adventurous Vegan

Only released at the end of November this Cookbook has already been promoted to number one in our house. Its got everything from amazing cookies and cakes to seitan burgers, lasagna and stews that really warm the heart on these cold winter evenings. It's the perfect Cookbook for anyone trying to make vegan meals that work for everyone, and we have made meals from it for non vegan friends and family that have went down a storm. Colleen was also so great and gave us a few sneak peeks months before it came out and we used the tuna mayo sandwich filler for our Big Vegan Picnic back in June and they also got great reviews.

2. Beautifully Real

For a long time this has been our go to recipe book. It's got everything, great pictures, delicious recipes and a nice mix of easy to make and decadent meals that work for every occasion. From soups and sandwiches to muffins and deserts it has it all. It has inspired some of our own recipes and been a book we have shared with family and friends looking for new ideas and tasty dishes to serve to vegan friends.

3. Plant Based Cookbook

A classic and a great go to when we need a fresh idea. It's as it says on the cover, good for your heart, your health and your life. This is a great book for anyone wanting to up their fruit and veg intake and get on a wholefoods plant Based diet. It's got a great mix of recipes and plenty of variety to stop you getting bored. If you are going vegan for your health or just want to get some healthy meal ideas then this is the book for you.

4. Guilt Free Nice Cream

Something a little different here, it's one of our go to books in the summer months when we need something light and refreshing. Our little one loves making ice lollies with some of the flavours and blends from this book and so do we. It's got tons of nice cream ideas that work well as a after dinner treat or a healthy cold lunch and its even got some other deserts too.

5. Raw

After our adventures in Iceland in 2017 we became a little obsessed with Raw meals. The combination of the lack of vegan friendly options outside of Rekjavic and the amazing Glo cafe's raw deserts meant we ate a lot of Raw meals on this trip. When we discovered the Cookbook written by the restaurant owner we quickly snapped it up. It's got lots of great ideas from vegan to raw and provides a real comforting homey feel to a lot of its dishes that make it a great option for someone with a little time to prepare but looking for that authentic and home made cuisine.

There is also the Recipe Book section on the website that we try to update regularly with new ideas and meals to keep you and your taste buds satisfied.

Got a book you recommend, send us a link and we will happily check it out!

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