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In 2018 we decided that we would start Operation Vegan and so far it has had great success we have partnered with amazing activists from Vkind and Anonymous for the Voiceless, helped raise money for 2 animal sanctuaries and held our first Big Vegan Picnic Event. Read more about Operation Vegan HERE.

But the main aim of Operation Vegan was to one day open our own Animal Sanctuary, that would not just take in dogs, cats and other conventional 'pets', but be a safe haven for all animals, from hens and pigs to conventional pets, injured wildlife and any other living being that crossed the threshold. We knew that it was a long shot, and that it would be heavily influenced by land and finances, but none the less it was our dream and our big goal. As the year passed and we started saving, we kept thinking of all the animals that would suffer and die before we ever got to the stage of opening the sanctuary that we pictures in our minds. This greatly helped to spur our activism but also helped us start to realise that there is no perfect place or perfect time, and so we decided to act. With a little searching and a lot of help from Barbara from the Nut House Hen rescue we managed to provide 4 beautiful hens with a forever home. We realised that we had the space and money for them now and when it comes down to it, being able to save 4 lives now may mean little in the struggle to end animal agriculture and the cruel practices humans carry out on animals, but it means everything to the 4 hens who's lives we saved. Building the house and run was easy, especially when your father in law is in construction and loves woodwork. They now have a house which provides them with 4 times more space than they had before, they have access to the outdoors for the first time in their lives, and a sheltered run for when it rains, they are well

Our 4 hens, Daisy, Margot, Trouble and Nudge, along with the beautiful Tom Cat Tobias whom we re-homed from the Assisi Animal Sanctuary now form the small beginnings of the Sanctuary we one day aim to run. Not only does it feel like the right thing to do, but it feels like it is what we are supposed to do. To care and love and look after these animals who needed us and who had been so let down by humans before. No animal deserves to spend it's life in a cage, and one day we hope to open as many cages as possible.

This is only the beginning...

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