January 2019 Book Club

We are big believers in self education. Learning and understanding from a position of interest to you and in the best way for each individual. Reading can provide a brilliant tool for us all to learn at our own pace and at our own speed.With millions of texts out there covering thousands more subjects there is always something to interest everyone.

As part of the Awakening Project we have another great book for you this month focusing in on the topics of spirituality and mindfulness.

Everyday Mindfulness:

This book is life changing, and yet so simple. It is a book containing 365 quotes, lessons or practices that you can incorporate into your life on a daily basis to help you be more mindful, peaceful and aware of all else around you. From quotes by Tich Nhat Hanh, Eckhart Tolle, Buddha, and countless others to simple challenges, breathing techniques and questions that will help you be more grounded and mindful each day. You can use it like we do and read one quote per day when you wake up, or you can read it all and pick out your favourites to be your mantra for the week or year and pin them on your mirror, fridge or stick them in your note book. It is one for anyone who wants a little more presence in their life and for those of you who love a deep and interesting quote to ponder.

If you have a book you want to share with us and our book club let us know and we will get in in there. Check out the rest of the book club here.

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