We continue our monthly recommended documentary with a special documentary focusing on the work of one of the most famous female biologists and explorers of the 20th century. Jane Goodall.

In this documentary we get to follow the life of Jane Goodall from the beginning of her adventures and studies of the Chimpanzee family living in Gombe. For me anyway she was a person, a name, that I knew to hear but I knew little of her work, save that it was with chimpanzees.

It is a beautiful documentary with many never before seen pieces of footage and a wonderful narration by Jane herself. It shows her early work, her family life, the changes and developments in the chimp family and in the research being done and it gives us a new perspective and a new message that animals are both very like us, and yet a little more. For anyone who is interested in animals or in learning more about this extraordinary woman's work then this is a must watch.

It is just a wonderful documentary, and Jane gives us many many talking points, from her early years working as a lone woman in Africa, the changing perspectives of both the scientific communities views on apes and animals, and the public and medias perceptions of women scientists. It is made with heart, love and joy. Furthermore the take away message is there from the first few moments of film, there is more to those we look down upon than meets the eye.

Available on Netflix and Youtube

Youtube link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXrUR5tCKc8

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