5 eco-friendly ways to de-clutter your kids old toys

For many parents out there you know the feeling, you slowly watch your house fill up with toys, books, puzzles and games, and every year there are more. From the piles of teddies to box after box of puzzles and the multiple cars and figures you collect over Christmases and birthdays. And after a while you no longer have space for it all and the kids no longer play with many of them. You don;t want to just throw them away, because that is not only wasteful, but the toys have many years more love and playtime left in them. So what do you do?

We are just entering the first stage of this cycle with our little on reaching 2 years old. And if you aren't planning on having more kids that you would want to hold onto the toys for, then we have 5 great options to help you de-clutter your old toys and games and stop them from going to landfill.

1. Pass them on - One of the easiest ways to de-clutter your old toys is to pass them on to family members, friends and neighbours with young kids who would appreciate them and get use out of them. It helps save them money and can be a really nice gift, especially when the cost of parenting is on the rise. It's also just a great way to connect with neighbours and family and its always nice to see the kids enjoying them and knowing just who is now playing with those toys.

2. Charity shops - Another great option for all of your old and unwanted items is charity shops. They are always happy for donations for their store from clothes and furniture to books and especially toys. Whats even better is that many will offer collection services so you don;t even have to try to transport it all yourself if there is a lot to de-clutter.

3. Mums and tots groups - When it comes to toys groups like these are always looking for new items. With up to 30 or more mums meeting at one time that's a lot of kids and a lot of ware and tear for the toys. So donating your second hand items is a real boost and lets the kids who attend have some new and fun toys to play with. There are lots of groups out there and its usually very easy to get in touch to find out when and how to drop of your unwanted items.

4. Nursery and Kindergardens - just like the mums ad tots groups nurseries and day cares are always looking for new toys, it could be figures, dressing up outfits or puzzles, anything your little's ones have grown out of or no longer play with might just be perfect for these groups. And they often don;t mind if there are doubles or triples of something as it helps avoid clashes in class over the kids favourite toy. You know with groups like this that any items you pass on will be played with by hundreds of kids and be used again and again throughout the years.

5. Sell them - alternatively you could pick out some of the best or least worn toys and books and sell them on. there are lots of websites from amazon, gumtree and ebay to apps like depop which let you sell on second hand items in either a bidding scenario or just asking price. Either way if you can make a little something back and pass on your toys and games to someone who wants them then its a win all round. you can always list the items for a few months and if no one wants them then take them to a charity shop. If you don;t try you wont know.

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