Looking after winter birds this January

When it comes to our winter birds there is always lots of love. They brighten up our gardens with their songs and colours and we thought we would give you some great ideas to help pay them back for being so wonderful.

1. Food

Birds need lots of high calorie foods, and in winter when food is scarce, they need it more than ever. Peanuts are a great way to provide this. Not only are they vegan friendly, but they are suitable for many species of birds from the small blue tits, robins and sparrows to the larger starlings, magpies and wood pidgeons who need us too. You can use tables, hanging feeders, set them on a plate on your widow sill, or any other ideas you have. They are also available for a cheap price either in pound stores, garden stores or even at the pet stores, our local store has them loose which means we can get them with zero plastic waste too.

Another great feeding idea are seeds, again totally vegan and you can do the same as above, they are also usually available for cheap in most gardening and pound stores and whats more many pet shops have them loose to minimize your waste as you look after those little beauties in your garden.

Finally a great option that is also great to do with kids is to make your own fat balls for birds, and its easy to make a vegan version using coconut oil. We have made some using our coconut shell bowls, and filing them with mixed seeds, nuts and melted coconut oil to bind it all together. Hand them from the trees or bushes and watch the birds line up in the bare branches to get at them. Suitable for all birds and a great favourite for smaller birds too. If you want to get some coconut bowls then check them out here on our online store.

For others like black birds who enjoy fruit leaving our apple cores, or old ruined fruit and berries they will enjoy pecking away and treating themselves to a sweet fruity snack.

2. Water

Just like food wild birds need water, now normally over the winter they have plenty of water because there is so much rain. But on the chilly days it can freeze over so fresh water is a great way to help, either for drinking, or bathing.

3. Housing

Although it might be winter now, your little feathered friends are starting to look for their spring nesting sites, so if you can buy or make your own then make sure to get them out in your garden now so those little birds can shop around for the perfect spot. You can even put food on top to attract them and provide another feeding spot for birds. And you can paint or decorate them to add some extra colour to your garden and make a beautiful little home for the birds too.

4. Nesting material

At the end of the month make sure to leave out some hay, straw or dry grass cuttings for them to make their nests. It also provides material for compost in your garden and attracts bugs which your feathered friends will love to dig around in to find. If you have provided them with housing in your garden then this is the perfect combination to make your space the perfect spot for them to settle down this spring.

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