January 2019 Clean Up summary

In January 2019 we held 3 big clean ups including 2 at totally new locations for us. And whats more it has been so good and refreshing to see lots of new faces joining the events, from kids as young as 5 to people in their 60's and 70's this really has become a community of like minded individuals and we are so proud to be a part of it. 2018 was a big year for us, removing 500+ bags of litter and starting to increase our range and scale of the events. In 2019 we aim to continue that trend. So lets dive into the summaries.


Bags removed - 19

Volunteers - 23

This was our second trip to Milisle and we had almost double the number of volunteers which was a great way to start the new year with a group of amazing people, on a beautiful morning on the East coast. With the sunrise still low in the sky and calm crisp conditions we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful setting to start 2019's Clean Up ball rolling. And we all did a great job, removing shredded fishing gear, several large items, and piles and piles of micro plastics, wrappers, and lots of polystyrene containers. We combed every inch of the beach and car park and can honestly say for probably the first time at a clean up that we got every last piece on the sand. However one thing we couldn't remove was the remains of the 12th of July bonfire in the car park, which was covered in rusted nails, broken glass and other sharp pieces of debris that although we all removed some of it, was not safe for us to continue working on. Still, an excellent start to January's clean ups.

Colin Glen

Bags removed - 37

Volunteers - 21

A popular option when it came to asking online and a location we had planned on hosting a clean up at for some time. Colin Glen is home to the Gruffalo trail based on the children's book series and has been a popular destination for young families since it opened, but the park is in disarray with piles of litter all over the park, and clear signs of fires, drugs and other anti-social behaviour that mean the beautiful idea for a Gruffalo trail is now hidden under years of abuse and neglect. However with the help of our amazing volunteers we soon started to deal with at least part of those problems. We managed to remove 30 bags full of litter and lots of other large items including the remains of a burnt out bin, a destroyed bike, several car wheels and other large items, and the change from before and after is unrecognisable. There is still some work to be done, and repairs needed on the paths and some statues but the park is now for the most part, clean.

Castle Park (Bangor)

Bags removed - 13

Volunteers - 14

Our local park and a beautiful place to spend time and enjoy a walk in Bangor, and we had a great turnout, despite the storm and chill in the air. With the help of our 14 volunteers we managed to remove 13 bags full of litter. The amount of glass bottles and poo bags was staggering but we worked hard in the beautiful winter sun to clean up the park.

Thank you to everyone who came out to help with the events and if you want to get involved head over to our events page to see when and where our next big events are happening.

Also if you want to help support our clean up events head over to our Online Store. We have lots of minimal waste and vegan friendly items for sale and it helps keep Clear Ripple Projects running.

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