Meat Means Murder

'the factory is churning out, all processed packed and neat, an obscure butchered substance and the label reads meat' (Conflict, Meat means Murder)

This was what it took for me to go firstly vegetarian ,and ultimately vegan, the undisputable fact that what was on my plate and on my fork,was, in fact, an animal . At 14 years old, I identified this,without You Tube stars, or social media , but through listening closely to the lyrics of a band that I in pre cease fire Belfast, to try and gain sense of the world. I did not need to be told twice !

I had always loved animals , always 'rescuing', locating cats to play with in the neighbourhood, crying,and never quite recovering from, Watership Down, always a cat on my knee and a dog by my side.

Once I seen the grainy black and white image in a punk fanzine of the cow hung upside down and read the description of how it breathed fast, its eyes bulged in fear, its throat slit as the bolt gun ceased to work, its body thrashing as it bled to death, it was enough to turn me vegetarian, for the 30 plus years, and now vegan approaching 6 years.

But this is my fear, that we are not really making the connection to what is happening to the animals . And I'm scared. I'm scared that , once the plant based vegan doesn't lose the weight or get the great skin or the 30.000 You Tube followers, that they will revert. I'm scared that the plant based vegan will still wear the fur as its a sign of wealth ,or because its 'already dead' and vintage. I'm scared that the plant based vegan will use the cosmetics or the cleaning products that still test, because they are cheaper, or more readlily available. I'm scared the environmental vegan will fall for the organic and high welfare ruse, and buy locally sourced honey and eggs and eat fish they have caught them selves. Or the environmental vegan will fall for the Guardians reports, over Sunday morning coffee, that almonds use more water, or it costs a fortune to send an avocado by plane for your sourdough toast.

Lets make no mistake, if I had to give up almonds, avocados , and all the other things that have the environmental impact I would if it meant we can sustain being vegan , and have a vegan world.

Because this is not really about us at all, its not about what we want. Its not about our taste buds, or our preferences for what milk we have in our tea.

We simply must connect the dots to the cruelty, exploitation and suffering that 56 billion land animals go through each and every day of each and every year, day after day , year after year, relentlessly , without pause, without breath, without an end in sight. By all means, read the health benefits, and the reduction of the impact on our planet, but, we need to

forget about ourselves for just one second , and place ourselves truly in the hearts and minds of the animals, and what they are going through, to truly get it...and therefore never have even one second of doubt that it is the right thing to do, the least we can do .

This is not about missing meat or cheese, or eggs, or fish, or salivating over a three day facebook 'fun' quiz for vegans on what we miss the most, that ended up reading like a concentration camp death list of body parts and secretions, and would make us the laughing stock of meat eaters.

Once we all truly connect the dots about the pain and suffering that cows, sheep, goats, ducks, fish, pigs, chickens, frogs, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, go through in the name of a snack or meal , then we are showing our true human compassion ,and lust for a vegan world.

It is wonderful to see so many people sign up for Veganuary, I'm not in any way knocking how many wonderful people join up and give it a go, but it scares the crap out of me, when people go back to eating meat and dairy, because they didn't feel the 'diet' was 'right' for them , ...we need to wake up to the fact it is not a diet,or fad, or trend. It is in fact, our moral obligation, to save lives and make a massive difference to the lives of animals . Being vegan is love xxxx

Sheena, is from Truffleupagus Vegan Yums, a local business providing vegan catering , for events and occassions, and general all round vegan yumminess

Contact 07935294588

Find out more about Operation Vegan by clicking here, or check out some amazing vegan recipes in our Recipe Book.

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