5 more fun ways to reuse your waste with kids

There are so many ways we can reduce our waste, recycling, reducing the single use items we buy, composting food and organic waste, donating old clothes and books to charity stores. But when it comes to some items it may be best to re-use them rather than let them go to waste. We have another 5 fun ways to get your children involved in thinking about re-using waste and making something fun and useful from your old unwanted junk.

1. Toilet roll binoculars

A simple one to get started but a really great way to get your kids involved in crafts. You can let them paint them or decorate the rolls before sticking them together and tying a piece of string on and voila. Now make yourself a pair and go nature exploring, bird watching or just playing make believe all over the house.

2. Paint tins and trays

When painting with kids it is always super handy to have mixing pots that you don't mind getting damaged, stained or trampled on. Enter the old tupperware or pie tin. You can wash them easily and they can be stored away with the art supplies until the next paint session. It a good way to get plenty of use out of something you otherwise would put straight in the bin. You can also use the plastic trays from berries, tofu or even old yogurt pots.

3. Train tunnels and stations

Another easy item to build but adds plenty of fun to the wooden train set. Get an old shoe box or small box and cut of the top and smaller sides to form the tunnel, get your kids to decorate it or stick two together to make it extra long. or you can paint it up to be the next stop on the tracks, let the kids name the stations, get some paper tickets and let the good times roll. Either way kids love it and it is a quick and easy craft that adds extra fun and ideas for your kids train set.

4. Simple storage

When it comes to stationary it is always a good idea to have tubs or containers available. You can get so creative with this one, either go simple tupperware box, or get fancy with old soup tins, pot noodle pots, milk cartons and more. add some paint, stickers and name tags and you have another great addition to your desk or arts drawer, and you know the crayons, pencils or felt tips are all in the one place.

5. Make your own jams and nut butters

If you are like us and you enjoy a tasty but butter or jam on your toast then you need to try making your own. Keep the old glass jars and get your kids involved in the kitchen. Its great fun and you can go all out with it, in the summer go berry picking and then come home, wash them and get jamming. Or get the bag of monkey nuts and crack them open, blend them up and enjoy. It's always rewarding making your own to your own tastes and likes and its great for the environment too.

Check out the other reuse and reduce articles over at the main Operation Clean Up Page.

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