4 great episodes to show your kids about ocean clean ups

Kids are pretty environmentally savvy these days, many have grown up with recycling, know about energy saving lightbulbs, electric cars and the need for renewable energy resources. With the likes of youtube and facebook there as a constant way for them to easily access information from all over the world, not to mention the powerhouse of knowledge that is google at their fingertips.

But for the younger children there are many great cartoons and programmes to help them understand the need to help protect the ocean and the importance of keeping it pollution free. We have 4 great episodes from 3 popular kids TV shows and one great documentary to help get them interested in caring for the ocean.

1. Octonauts - The Octonauts and the Pelicans (season 3 episode 6)

Octonauts is a great show full stop when it comes to educating children about sea life and the vast wonder that is the ocean, but when it comes to human impact on the oceans no episode is more relevant than this one. The octonauts help a family of pelicans suffering due to the huge amount of plastic and other litter in the water, they get caught and swallow some of it when they try to feed. But not only will the team save the day, but they pass on an important message too. Plastic kills, and we need to tackle this urgent problem.

2. Go Jetters - The Great Pacific garbage Patch (season 2 episode 35)

Go Jetters is yet another popular animated series and one that is educational as well as cool. But in this episode our team of hero's tackles something even they can't fix. When they arrive at the Great Pacific Garbage Patch they quickly meet their match, needing the help of their friends and even their enemies to get out in one piece. And once again the message is clear, this is a huge problem for all life on earth, but as they say, it is too big a job for one person, or one team, we need everyone to get on board if we have any chance of tackling this crisis head on.

3. Blue Planet 2

The entire series is great to show your kids. Like all of David Attenborough's work this one is an instant classic, the voice over and beautiful camera work is an instant hit with many viewers and the story telling inside the documentary is second to none. For many people, young and old, these types of shows are their only experiences with nature on this scale and when it comes to the oceans even fewer of us have had an experience quite like what we see on screen. By inviting into this underwater world David and the crew help us understand and relate to the animals and environments we see, and this only drives home the issue of pollution that much harder when it comes time to discuss it. A great watch for all the family.

4. Paw Patrol - Pups save a bay (season 1 episode 14)

A little different to the others but another great message. The Pups need to help clean up an oil spill in Adventure bay and not only that but a baby whale has been stuck in the oil. As always the fearless pup team get to work, cleaning, fixing and reusing as many things as possible to help save the day. It can help teach them the importance of ocean clean ups and the danger they pose to wildlife. Not only that but the message of recycling and reusing old things to help save the day is a crucial part of the zero waste movement, and we could all use a little pup like Rocky in our lives.

These are our top 4, what episodes did we miss? Are there other series or shows we should add? Leave a comment or message us so we can keep up with all of your ideas and suggestions.

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